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Industrial Air Cooler

One of the best Industrial Air Cooler Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Industrial Air Cooler is specially manufactured to provide a cooling environment in the industrial area where the temperature is much higher than the average area in which humans live.When it is installed in an open entryway or window, air is attracted out and made to go through Cooling pads which are cooled by normal water. This procedure cools the hot air which will pass in the room. The new cool air going into the room flushes out the stale sight-seeing through the open entryways and windows.

The Industrial Air Cooler which is also called as Evaporative Air Cooler is required to make hot air into naturally cooled Air which is not at all harmful for humans. It helps Humans to maintain their body temperature which is getting hotter from industrial machineries, crowded environment etc. And it also helps to generate the work efficiency of workers.

Air Conditioners cool a relatively small area, and each and every room needs a separate air conditioner, which makes the overall cost of cooling too stiff. To get out from paying such an exorbitant price for a simple thing as cooling, you need a totally different solution. Industrial Air Cooler is the best solutions for quality and reliable air cooling system at an affordable price. The best type of commercial Industrial Air Coolers is the Ducting Air Coolers.

Our Speciallization

Cooling Project

Since heating and ventilation is big hardle in industries, so it is major problem need to be solve. So that way ‘ heating and conjucted air is replace with our evoparative air cooler through fresh and cool air, so this way we create comfort zone having fresh cool air , we do project.

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professional cooling solution

Many equipment, can use for solve the heat and ventilation problem but to retain the proper contain of humidity and fresh - cool air is necessary for human comfort zone. so it can possible with our high tech evoparative industrial air cooler.This way oxygen fresh air, making comfort zone having sufficient air change create better environment for human comfort. it also help in productivity in industries.

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In industries many company only deal in sales point of view, As we meet customer , inspect the customer sight zone, considering the atmospheric condition and effect of humid air on machinery which is running in factory of customer, we eight recommend evoparative systems or recommended as per product in customer deal or run the business.

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Good bye to service hurdle (spare parts durability)

With Our high - tech technology penal board attached with industrial air cooler, efficiency and durability of air cooler spare like motor, pump and drain plus (electrical functional parts) is maintain and rise. This penal are help to prevent phase fluctuation and over load protection spare part , which is very necessary for to avoid spar part faulty.SO for long time customer relive for headache of spare part default conduction , in which need to be repair or replace of spare parts. This also necessary for better performance of air cooler for long time.

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